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One of the largest features of our products that sets us apart from all other Tampa Bay window replacement service providers is our unique Magic Glass. This 12 layer window system is unlike any other glass in our area, and is made especially for the windows that we install in Tampa Bay! Florida Building codes are often very strict due to the ever-present risk of hurricanes in our area. Everything from roofing, to doors and windows, to all other areas of Florida construction are affected by these strict codes. Our Magic Glass is no exception, and thus it is built to not only meet, but exceed the strictest of codes. Just another example of our ongoing commitment to our window replacement customers.

Our Magic Glass is a patented solution for window pane construction that far exceeds the strength and durability of normal window replacement glass. In double-pane windows, the space between the panes is filled with a high-density Argon gas. Magic Glass is installed on each and every Conservation Window that we install, providing years of durability and increased energy efficiency. Magic Glass provides you and your family with the extra piece of mind that you are more protected from hurricanes, burglary and other hazards that can cause chipping or cracking in ordinary windows. Interested to learn more about how you can have Magic Glass equipped windows installed in your home? Use the contact form on the left to get in touch with us, and to claim your $99 Trade In Value for each old window that you have replaced! There is no cost for a thorough, in-home consultation where we can visit your home and give you a free quote.

Reece Builders Now Offers Hurricane Glass!

  • Designed to meet the highest missile impact levels and cyclic test pressure protocols certified by Miami-Dade County and the Florida Building Code.
  • Built with a designed pressure to withstand winds in excess of 175 mph!

Magic Glass – The 12-Layer Window System

What is Magic Glass?
A piece of superior quality glass made from sand, soda and limestone is coated with a special mix of chemicals to create Magic Glass exclusively for Conservation Windows.

  • The Twelve Layer-Patented Formula of Magic Glass.
  • A sealant layer adhering the composition to the glass.
  • Four Dielectric Layers
  • Three Silver Layers
  • Three barrier hardener layers
  • Exterior chemical protection layer

The Magic Glass System is a dual glazed insulated glass unit consisting of 12 layers of high performance reflective metallic shields, the spacer system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas.

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